Ingram Civil Engineering Group,LLC (ICE Group) is a general engineering firm established in August of 2000 by Curtis Paul Ingram, Jr., PE. ICE Group has five employees and is located in Brentwood, Tennesse. MEET THE TEAM MEMBERS

Our Team

From concept to reality, we bring our expertise to bear. Yes, we can help you develop your site, nail a deadline, and navigate complicated permit processes across the country—but simply put, we do beautiful work. Be a proud partner with Ingram Civil Engineering.

Success is not the result of making money. Being successful is merely being of service. Building. Working. Dreaming. Creating. We deliver success no matter what’s required. We’ve honed the perfect suite of services to do just that.LEARN MORE

OUR PHILOSOPHY. Ingram Civil is a general civil firm centered on Christian principles of hard work, respectable behavior and impeccable ethics. Our employees are among the best in the industry. From individual property owners to multi-billion dollar corporations, every client is given our best work and most timely responses throughout the entire project. All our employees are entrusted to speak with clients and give them the security of knowing that our whole office is working for them, not just one or two key employees. READ MORE



The Process

The Process

Learn about what makes us different. We’re proud of the process we use to bring architectural visions to reality. It starts with our blueprint for an ideal relationship with our clients. We take the time to investigate needs. To craft a clear concept. To dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

Read more about what steps we go through together, terms and conditions, even a sample checklist.