WHAT WE DO Ingram Civil Engineering Group, LLC (ICE Group) is a general civil engineering firm established in August 2000 by Curtis Paul Ingram, Jr., P.E. ICE Group employs five employees and is located in Brentwood, Tennessee. ICE Group offers expertise in healthcare, institutional, industrial and general commercial site design and permitting across the country. ICE Group also offers survey, geotechnical and landscape coordination for the owners. The firm has successfully completed projects that vary in size from new construction projects with construction budgets of $80 million to smaller additions and renovations. ICE Group is licensed in 37 states and Puerto Rico.

Our Team

Mr. Ingram is the Founder (2000) and President of Ingram Civil Engineering Group, LLC in Brentwood, Tennessee. His duties include technical oversight of projects, quality control, client liaison, as well as business development for the office. His experience includes 17 years in design, project management and land development. He has directed civil engineering design and construction observation for commercial, institutional, military, industrial and government clients.


Mr. Bohannon is an Engineer for Ingram Civil Engineering Group, LLC, in Brentwood, Tennessee.   His duties include technical oversight of projects as well as client liaison.  He has been with the company for eight years as a project manager. His experience includes ten years in construction project engineering. His responsibilities as a project engineer involve site and permitting due diligence, site layout, grading, utilities and storm sewer design on institutional and commercial projects.


Mr. Yost is a Project Engineer for Ingram Civil Engineering Group, LLC in Brentwood, Tennessee. His duties as both a project manager and engineer include site investigation, permitting and site design. His experience includes over 3 years in design, project management and land development.


Mr. Simpson is a Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Designer for Ingram Civil Engineering Group in Brentwood, Tennessee and has been with the firm since 2002. His responsibilities include design and development and Director of Quality Control. His experience includes 13 years in CAD Design with Ingram Civil Engineering and 3 years with John Kohl and Company Surveying. Design responsibilities include site layout, grading, utilities and storm sewer.


Ms. Douglas is the Accountant/Office Manager and has been with the firm since August 2015. Her responsibilities include general accounting including billing, payroll and monthly financial analysis. Her duties also include maintaining office operations and other clerical functions. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and her experience includes 15 years of accounting work in various industries.


WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT? Ingram Civil is a general civil firm centered on Christian principles of hard work, respectable behavior and impeccable ethics. Our employees are among the best in the industry at what they do but were not hired for their skills at their functions but because they would be among the best at anything they set their heart to do. Our clients range from individual property owners to multi-billion dollar corporations and every one of them is given our best work and most timely responses throughout the duration of the project. All our employees are entrusted to speak with our clients and give them the security of knowing that our whole office is working for them, not just one or two key employees. We are able to perform the functions necessary to take an idea through the planning, conceptual, design, permitting and construction phases, successfully leaving the client with a profitable finished site. Our detailed collaboration with other designers such as architects, other design engineers and local permitting authorities enable us to ensure a well-coordinated and integrated site upon completion. As I was growing up, I learned much from my father and grandfather about hard work and integrity. I hope and pray that this office will provide to my two boys and the rest of our employees’ children the same learning opportunity I had growing up. I hope that you can be a part of that experience too. When opportunity arises, give us a try and see for yourselves “why we are different.”
—From the president