Project Name 

Project Location



Client Contact


Structural Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Plumbing Engineer

Electric Engineer

Program Manager



Number of official prints (SD, DD, Checksets  and CD)

Who coordinates survey

Who coordinates geotech 

Who coordinates Phase I

Who coordinates landscape architect.  Do you want landscape and irrigation?  Do you want code minimum or other scope.  If other, what scope do you want?

Do we need a traffic consultant

Existing Site Conditions (Buildings, Grades, Utilities, Trees, Parking)

Are all services available at frontage (Road, Domestic Water, Fire Water, Natural Gas, Sanitary Sewer)

Is the entire project financed already or will it be in phases

We invoice based on progress monthly

Addition or new building

Square Footage of new building

Is the building sprinkled?  If addition, is existing building sprinkled or is the new building planned to have a fire wall.

Use of new building (hospital, school, office)

Is the property zoned correctly

Is the property made up of more than one parcel

Will those parcels need to be combined

Are their known encumbrances on the property (streams, floodplain, easements, ROW's)

Site work scope – Parking, Drives, Storm water, Utilities

Site Acreage

How many trips to the site do we need to make (Design/Construction)

What is the construction budget

Are reimbursables allowed

Are there any plans showing the existing and/or proposed site available for our use in developing proposals

Does the community support the project

Are their any variances needed as a part of the project

Is LEED accreditation sought on this project

Is this a quiet site