• Location: Columbia, MO
  • Owner: Centerpointe Behavioral Healthcare
  • Architect: Johnson Johnson Crabtree Architects
  • Contractor: DeAngelis Diamond
  • Construction Cost: $21 Million

Ingram Civil performed site design services for the new 72 bed behavioral hospital on 12 acres in 2016.

A public sanitary sewer easement and blueline stream encumbers the east side of the site.   Location and elevation of these existing features mandated significant retaining walls above our loop road and wrapping secure outdoor yard areas at floor level.  A significant 42” storm water conveyance was rerouted around the west and south boundaries bypassing our treatment and detention.  Water quality was provided by bioretention ponds spaced strategically around the site to catch roof drainage and pavement runoff.  A larger attenuation pond was designed on the east, downstream, edge of the site enabling it to catch and detain all of the collector pipes coming from treatment around the rest of the site.