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About Us

We are a specialized civil engineering firm providing site development design services for architects, program managers and owners. We assist design teams in planning, designing, permitting and construction observation for their development projects across the country. We can help you with storm water solutions, parking expansions, utility extensions or development projects including all of these and other design services in our field.


Ingram Civil is a general civil firm centered on Christian principles of hard work, respectable behavior and impeccable ethics. Our employees are among the best in the industry. From individual property owners to multi-billion dollar corporations, every client is given our best work and most timely responses throughout the entire project. All our employees are entrusted to speak with clients and give them the security of knowing that our whole office is working for them, not just one or two key employees


Our firm has successfully completed projects that vary in size from new construction projects with construction budgets of $100 million to smaller additions and renovations. ICEG Group is licensed in all 50 states in addition to Puerto Rico and Washington DC.

Academic Partners

We partner with these great universities through hiring, internships, speaking engagements, senior design mentoring, career fairs

If you’re interested in having us speak at your university, use the Contact Us tool on our site.


In this special anniversary magazine, we highlight the projects and partnerships we’ve undertaken over the past two decades that helped shape the Ingram Civil Engineering Group.


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