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A general civil firm centered on Christian principles of hard work, respectable behavior and impeccable ethics.

The firm also attempts to model qualities I, as a young boy and teenager, saw exhibited by my father and grandfather as they led our family’s food distribution business. Loading trucks, pulling orders and sweeping warehouses have been replaced with site planning, storm water design and CAD plots, but smiles, talk about family and plans for a better future remain a constant.


Our employees are among the best in the industry at what they do.

From administrative and bookkeeping functions to drawing design and production. They were not hired because they were the best at these functions. They were sought after and retained because they would be among the best at anything they set their heart to do. Our office is small but continues to grow, as it needs to in order to take care of our clients’ needs. Occasionally, lights in one or more of our offices will not be turned out between workdays. Plenty of work is considered a blessing in this time where many good people find themselves without a job.


Our clients range from individual property owners to multi-billion dollar corporations.

Everyone who entrusts us with a portion of their project, however big or small, is given our best work and most timely responses throughout the duration of the project. We believe that we have the best clients in our field. Everyone in our firm is counted on to provide client maintenance. All employees are entrusted to speak with our clients and give them the security of knowing that our whole office is working for them, not just one or two key employees.


We are also proud to be able to serve our regional clients in 49 states and Puerto Rico.

Our services are primarily centered on site development but also include public roadway and utility design. We pride ourselves in being able to perform the functions necessary to take an idea through the planning, conceptual, design, permitting and construction phases, successfully leaving the client with a site that fits their needs for years to come. We work hand in hand with other designers such as architects, structural engineers, mechanical, plumbing and electrical (MPE) engineers and landscape architects throughout the design process. This consistent coordination enables us to ensure a well-coordinated and integrated site upon completion. We have had great success with local permitting authorities all over the US, making sure that the project meets the expectations of the local communities and governing authorities, as well as our clients.

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