• Location: Del City, OK
  • Owner: Physicians Choice Dialysis
  • Architect: The Design Group Architects
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Construction Cost: $2 Million

One of our most recent national footprint programs to work for is Physicians Choice Dialysis. 

These folks came to us through some other dialysis work with the same architect.  We often have folks tell us they have simple sites selected for our projects with them.  I’d like to have this site and agency review process used as the standard by which all of those assessments are made in the future. The picture reflects the gentle slope of the site and indicates it is a blank slate.  Utility services are all at the frontage.  Storm water was dealt with by the developer years ago.  This is as close to a “plug and play” site as you can get.  Our experience with the City was just as positive.  They were eager to find ways to make our program needs work within the framework of their guidelines.

I have to mention that our architectural partner on this work is perhaps the nicest man I’ve ever worked with.  I have been careful not to mention names in these writings with this one exception.  If you have the opportunity to work with Jerry Smith and his team, I promise you will understand why he is the exception.

It is meaningful to us to support clients taking care of our neighbors, relatives and friends all over the country.  I have heard of people driving for hours in each direction to get dialysis treatment.  This treatment is a lifesaver and quality of life changer that PCD is working to bring closer to the people that need it throughout the heart of the country.

Physicians Choice, a dialysis management company, brings a fresh outlook to the dialysis industry.
Physicians Choice is a dialysis management company which provides care to patients suffering from chronic kidney disease, as known as end stage renal disease. Our services include but are not limited to chronic hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis services, home dialysis and acute dialysis in hospital.
The company’s model is to joint venture with local nephrologists in the ownership of each dialysis center developed or acquired. Physicians Choice core competency is its’ very strong dialysis management capability which leaves the local Nephrologist to handle the clinical responsibilities to ensure quality care for patients. Physicians Choice Dialysis is proud to be associated with the American Kidney Fund, ESRD Network 8, ESRD Network 13, ESRD Network 14, and ESRD Network 3.