• Location: Wichita Falls, TX
  • Owner: Acadia Healthcare
  • Architect: Johnson Johnson Crabtree Architects
  •  Contractor: Lott Brothers
  • Construction Cost: $10 Million

Ingram Civil traveled to Wichita Falls in support of the JJCA led design team for another Acadia Healthcare challenge.  Let’s fit 32,000 SF of building on a 33,000 SF lot that falls 12 feet front to back.  The article excerpt below tells more of the story.

Once it was confirmed that a renovation/expansion of the existing facility wasn’t a feasible solution, a site adjacent to the hospital became the best option. But the site was not without challenges. Its small footprint and relatively steep grade required a creative design solution to house a parking garage, administrative space, outpatient therapy area, inpatient treatment space, and a recreational gym. The result is an interesting three-story, nearly 32,000 square-foot, L-shaped building with massing that is playful, functional and visually appealing. Inpatient and outpatient clients are able to access the outdoors in a safe, contained environment. Terraced exterior areas make effective use of the steep grade, providing intimate spaces on each level. Both natural and borrowed light are abundant. Most hallways and corridors have direct outside views, generating a natural “guiding light” to support wayfinding. (Behavioral Healthcare Magazine, Summer 2016)