• Location: Nashville, TN
  • Owner: Acadia Healthcare
  • Architect: Stengel Hill
  • Contractor: Alpa Construction
  • Construction Cost: $25.3 Million

In a development that used to hold a movie theatre and shopping complex I frequented in high school, comes a flagship location for Acadia Healthcare in their (our) backyard in north Nashville.

Situated in a bend of the Cumberland River, the Metrocenter development is like the cities of New Orleans and Port Arthur, TX in that it is so close to its receiving waters that it has to have its storm water pumped over levees to the river to drain it.  Because of this, the complex doesn’t require site specific detention, a big cost benefit.  After a rezoning, jurisdictional determination (in our favor), locating a route to connect to public sanitary sewer, and a few months of permitting, we are off to the races.  We are now in the building phase and are thrilled to see it taking shape.  We were encouraged to be reunited with a terrific superintendent and his wife who tag team big projects for Alpa and had worked on our Philadelphia project with Acadia through several of the early stages to get it started on the right foot.  These facilities are in great demand all over the country.  The shortage of mental health beds and entry points to this spectrum of treatment is prevalent in every state.  I’m so pleased Ingram Civil could play a part in bringing an answer for this need to our hometown.

Acadia Healthcare and Ascension Saint Thomas have partnered to break ground on the new Saint Thomas Behavioral Health Hospital in Nashville. The 76-bed inpatient facility will be located in the Metro Center neighborhood of Nashville and will feature dedicated adult and geriatric units that offer a wide range of programs to better serve these specific populations. The facility will also offer a full continuum of care to fill the void in behavioral health treatment for adults in the Nashville community, including partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), traditional outpatient services, residential care, and opioid addiction treatment programs. Saint Thomas Behavioral Health Hospital will create 200 more jobs in Nashville and is set to open in the fall of 2020.