• Location: LaGrange, GA
  • Owner: LaGrange College
  • Architect: Earl Swensson Architects
  • Contractor: Batson-Cook Construction
  • Construction Cost: 17.5 Million

In 2015, Ingram Civil joined Earl Swensson Architects in a project reunion with the president of LaGrange College who was formerly a part of campus improvements our team helped with during his tenure at Belmont University. 

Maintaining relationships as consultants of choice with individuals who are among the best in their field is a privilege we don’t take for granted. The task was not limited to increased lab space at this growing liberal arts college but a statement of anchoring identity on Vernon St one of the major arterial spokes bisecting the city.  The new 45,000 square foot building is the gateway entering the campus from the city just to the east.  Fitting this substantial multi-story floorplate into a sloped narrow site was a challenge from the beginning.  We worked with the architects finding the ideal floor elevations providing entry from the 1st floor to the east from an entry plaza and 2nd floor to the west.  Existing buffer spaces between the building and neighboring homes were supplemented with new berms and plantings to be sure we softened the transition from bustling campus to backyard.

(Photo credit:  Attic Fire Photography)