• Location: Nashville, TN
  • Owner: State of Tennessee
  • Architect: Johnson Johnson Crabtree Architects
  • Contractor: Messer Construction
  • Construction Cost: $20 Million

Born in 1970, the same year I was born, Nashville State grew up in west Nashville while I did in south Nashville. 

Over the years it has grown into so much more than when it started.  50 years ago, the campus started with about 400 students and 5 programs of study.  Now it boasts over 7000 students on 6 campuses with over 80 programs of study.   The new 3 story building anchors the north end of the quad and popular gathering place for students.  The large yard stair entering the south face of the building was designed to double as amphitheater style seating encouraging rest and relationship building between classes.  Extra wide walks with slightly thicker sections allow for the crowds moving in all directions during class change as well as service vehicle movement during off-hours.

Through the Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect Programs, the state has recently embraced the need for the programs offered at Nashville State and its sister institutions.  We were fortunate and honored to be a part of giving the faculty, staff and students a more equipped and modern environment to educate students from this region.

Dean Patricia Armstrong believes that the new building is a critical piece of Nashville State’s role in the community. “This building changes the perception of what community college means by providing a state-of-the-art space for our health and humanities programs to flourish. We believe that visitors to the Nashville State campus will come away with a renewed vision of what our campus offers to students and how we can help them succeed.”