• Location: Dearborn, MI
  • Owner: UHS/Beaumont
  • Architect: Johnson Johnson Crabtree
  • Contractor: The Christman Company
  • Construction Cost: $41 Million

Quite a collaboration.  A nationwide fortune 500 hospital and healthcare company combining with a hospital system in Michigan that is one of the largest employers in the state is a significant teaming of resources and experience in their fields of service.  Our team has worked for UHS for years in their facilities all over the country.  This location takes us just across the street from the Ford test track adjacent to an existing Beaumont Hospital Facility.  The review process took us through several departments at the City of Dearborn and Wayne County.  Beaumont Hospital is so large that they have an internal design division that reviews all projects to make sure they comply with their brand standards and current codes.  We were also inside the planning area for the Ford Campus.  There were certain “zoning” type requirements for this “overlay” area including height, setback and façade appearance.  These experiences underscore the importance of identifying every review as early as possible to make sure the time impact to the project is as short as possible.  Helping the city with their overflow abatement program was also a big element of the civil design as we removed the storm water connections from our site to the 10.5’ diameter brick combination sewer running under our north parking lot.  A quarter mile storm sewer extension through hospital property to a recently built city storm pipe in a County ROW was the only solution.  Our construction partners and project manager for the hospital have been terrific helping us navigate the last of the reviews to make this connection possible.

Specialty hospital, psychiatric clinical training and outpatient programs will enhance mental health services in Michigan
Beaumont Health and Universal Health Services broke ground today on a new mental health hospital in Dearborn. The two organizations formed a joint venture to address the state’s growing, unmet need for accessible, high-quality and advanced mental health services.
Construction will begin in early 2020 on the new 150-bed hospital. It will be located across the street from Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn, on eight acres of vacant land on Rotunda Drive, near the Southfield Freeway. The facility is expected to open in early to mid-2021.